Weed Brush

Weed brush is an efficient tool for removal of weeds on all kinds of paved areas etc. It is equipped with a steel brush that can be extended manually and turned in three different positions: to the front, to the right side or to the left side.

4 in 1 Bucket

This versatile attachment is ideal for landscaping and ground care. It is suitable for use as a regular bucket, but also as a dozer blade, leveller or a grab. The front of the bucket opens with 2 hydraulic cylinders, located on the back of the bucket, enabling the dozing, levelling and picking of debris, from stones to tree stumps.

The retractable bottom also allows waste to be emptied from height.

Demolition Grapple

The demolition grapple bucket, with two hydraulic grapples, is a strong and versatile attachment suitable for the handling of construction and demolition waste.

This attachment is ideal for use with the Avant 525LPG to undertake soft stripping demolition phases in both indoor and outdoor environments, where emissions are required to be kept to a minimum.


Light Materials Bucket
This bucket is designed for lighter materials that have a higher volume – such as snow, straw, wood chip etc.

General Use Bucket
For general day to day use

Bucket Broom

The Bucket Broom attachment is 1500mm wide. Debris is swept into the bucket. The broom is then raised hydraulically, and the bucket tipped and emptied. The bucket broom provides the best results when reversing.

When large waste is being swept (construction waste/tree debris etc), it is recommended that the bucket broom is driven forwards.

Pallet Forks

When lifting and transporting material on pallets, we recommend using the Avant pallet fork attachment. The fork width is adjustable using the quick lock mechanism.

Tree Shear

The Avant tree shear is an efficient and effective tree cutting tool, intended for forest thinning and tree clearance. The strong grapple grips the tree trunk firmly, whilst the hydraulic cylinder pushes the cutting blade against the trunk, for a clean, precise cut. If required, the cutting blade can be turned 180 degrees to point backwards, allowing the attachment to be used as a grapple only.

Log Grab

With the log grab you can lift and transport single logs or smaller timber bundles. The grab is equipped with a powerful hydraulic cylinder, enabling the machine to lift large stones, branches, fence posts and other similar objects.

Hydraulic Breaker

The Avant loader equipped with the hydraulic breaker is an effective tool for demolition and refurbishment operations.

This particular attachment is also extremely compact, meaning the Avant 525LPG and breaker is ideal for undertaking demolition in confined spaces, where emissions are required to be kept minimal.


The powerful hydraulic auger comes with many drill diameters, to suit a whole range of tasks, from post hole boring to tree transplanting. The Avant used with the auger attachment, provides the user optimum visibility and minimal ground damage.

Dozer Blade

Equipped with a hydraulic blade slewing, the Avant dozer blade is the ideal tool for dozing material away quickly. This attachment is suitable for ploughing snow and moving earth.

Post Knocker

The Protech Post Knocker features a 180kg weight, making this the most suitable attachment for large fencing projects. The Avant’s hydrostatic drive system ensures that fences can be erected effectively on difficult terrain.

Flail Mower

The flail mower is a drum type cutter, intended for cutting all types of vegetation. This attachment can cut tree braches with a depth of up to 20mm.

The flail mower provides substantial cutting power, with a less precise cut.

Finger Bar Hedge Cutter

The finger bar hedge cutting attachment features a 120cm cutting bar on a hydraulic arm, ensuring hedges can be trimmed rapidly and accurately.


The Avant trencher allows narrow trenches to be dug with no damage sustained to the surrounding area.

The trencher leaves a clean trench which can then be filled using the bucket attachment. Digging depths up to 900mm.