About Avant Loaders

The Avant Loader is a unique piece of kit. We’ve compared the Avant Mini Loader against the Skidsteer, listing 10 advantages of the Loader against the Skidsteer.


Avant Loaders are almost half the weight of the skidsteer equivalents. This not only provides transportation advantages, but also means the Avant Loader can be used on more sensitive ground surfaces.

Work Rate and Agility

Avant Loaders are articulated ensuring agility in small, and even in confined spaces.

Better Fuel Consumption Stats

Fuel consumption on a skidsteer works out to more than double that of the Avant equivalent, because the drivetrain requires 70 per cent engine power at all operation times.

Increased Visibility

The 360 degree visibility that the Avant Loaders provide is a fantastic advantage to have when working within a tight space versus the skidsteer.

Attachment Variety

There is a far greater range of attachments available for Avant Loaders offering versatility and a wide range of applications.

Ability to Work on Sensitive Surfaces

The innovative drive system of the Avant Loader allows for diverse operating across a variety of ground types, including lawns and agricultural land, with minimal impact.

Better Lifting Capacity

The Lifting capacity on Avant Loaders is greater than the similar skidsteer models, allowing users to make better use of the loaders when lifting almost anything.

Telescopic Booms Able to Reach Higher

The Avant Loaders feature telescopic booms providing further reach, up to an extra 700mm additional reach (please check each model specification)

Intuitive Operation

Operating the Avant Loader is simple and intuitive, using only a steering wheel, one joystick, and two pedals